Who’s it for?

who's it for? Knowing your audience

Who’s it for?

That’s what was on my mind as I was running this morning. 

This is an important element of any marketing strategy or campaign. I’ve always thought of it as complementary to the question of “what’s it for?” Usually putting more emphasis on the latter question, probably because it’s usually easier to figure out. 

That’s what I’ve done with the writing and content creation I’ve been focused on over the past year. 

This is on my mind because I don’t think it just applies to my content or marketing projects. It applies to nearly everything we do.

It’s even more powerful when we’re able to answer both questions together. 

When you think about the career you’re in or the career you want or maybe the job you’re in, can you honestly answer these two questions?

Who's it for?

What's it for?

Are you happy with the answer?

Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash