What does it mean to ‘make the most of each day’?

sunrise and tree - make the most of each day

Making the Most of Each Day?

Are we really making the most of each day? When you hear someone say that, what does it even mean? 

Does it mean we’re effectively utilizing every minute of each day? 

Or, does it mean have we properly prioritized the things in our life and then focusing our energy on getting the highest priority things done?

Or, does it mean if we had a chance to take a break that we didn’t take because that would mean we’re ‘lazy’ or unfocused?

Does it mean we sat at our desk for 8 straight hours today like was expected?

What does it mean if we didn’t make the most of the day? 

Did we do our best to make the most of it? How do we know?

Are you too weighed down by too many things on your mind to truly make the most of each day?

What would make today a great day? Does it involve getting things done? Is that truly what makes a day great or is that a way to hide from not doing the thing or things that *really* matter?

Did it make you feel better to get something insignificant (in the scheme of things) done while avoiding what truly is significant in your life? 

Photo by Terry Tan De Hao on Unsplash