From Constraints Come Opportunity (and Choices)

There’s no question. There’s a lot of anxiety in the world right now. A lot of uncertainty. 

We’re in the midst of a global pandemic. It seems like everywhere you turn it’s doom and gloom.

People are fearful. They’re anxious. They’re afraid. That’s to be expected.

But, it’s also important to be rational. To be an adult. To be a leader. To be supportive. And, to use this time to reflect and get better.

A tremendous opportunity exists to come out of this thing better than we went in. We’re stuck at home, there aren’t any live sports on. That can actually be a good thing. 

Use this time to spend more time with your family. Slow down. Enjoy life and what you have.

Additionally, it’s also a tremendous opportunity to learn. Use this time to read a book, read blogs, watch videos, practice writing. 

Now is a great time to connect with people on LinkedIn and start getting to know other professionals better. Provide a meaningful perspective. Ask questions. Be curious. 

It’s never been easier to learn or have access to so many resources than it is now. 

Now is not the time to be fearful, to point fingers at politicians or others. Now is the time to get better. Become better at supporting people. Better at lifting others up.

Better at being generous in sharing your knowledge and perspective. To be better coming out of it than you were coming in. 

You have a tremendous opportunity to use the constraints we have to your advantage. Some people will come out of this behind. Possibly left in the dust.

Others, like you and me, will come out stronger and better. While some are binging Netflix, we’re learning. We’re getting the most out of life within the constraints with which we’ve been dealt.