August 2019 - The Winding Road

The Dip is Real

Photo Credit: Emma Simpson Saturday, August 24, 2019 Missoula, MT- A funny thing happened this morning. I was running in the River City Roots 4-Mile Run and realized how similar it was to how life works – both personally and professionally. Like any project you start or new journey you begin, there was a lot of excitement at the starting line. I felt good. The weather was perfect for running- about 60 degrees and overcast. The gun went off and I took off. Probably way too fast. I was eager to get going. Did I mention that I felt really …

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Forget About the Future

Lately, I’ve haven’t been able to get enough of Bernadette Jiwa’s marketing books. I just read “Marketing: A Love Story” and am now reading “difference”. If you are a fan of Seth Godin then you’ll automatically be a fan of Bernadette. I was going back through “Marketing: A Love Story” today and something caught my attention. It was her advice about focusing on the present instead of the future. It resonated with me because I think way too often about the future. Constantly, as a matter of fact. Some of my actions are future-driven instead of present-driven. That needs to …

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