July 2019 - The Winding Road

What I Learned From One Day of Tracking My Time

Photo Credit: unsplash-logoRyan Stone Last week I proposed a 3-week plan to help with the information overload I was feeling. I proposed this via a blog post because I realized I’m probably not the only one that felt this way.  The plan goes something like this: Week 1: Don’t change any habits, just track your time and activities Week 2: Purge all unnecessary information for 5 days.  Week 3: Evaluate and create an information ingestion strategy Yesterday (July 22, 2019) was Day 1 of tracking my time and here’s what I learned: It’s more difficult to get distracted by the …

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3-Week Information Detox

Knowledge is power. But access to too much information could have a negative effect on your life and career. Over the past week, I’ve been waking up every morning with a sense of dread. A sense of being overwhelmed. This seems to be a cycle. And it’s all self-imposed.  I have an active mind. I love trying new things and learning and am always coming up with ideas. I’m definitely the ‘idea guy’ and not the organization/project manager guy. I’ve recognized this and recently delegated the project management I’ve typically been responsible for to someone on my team whose strengths …

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Is Your Mouth a Bottleneck?

[Image Credit: Joao Tzanno] There’s a reason our brain is much larger than our mouth. Before you ask someone for help when you’re stuck on a task, think about the problem and whether you could fix it – or come close – if the person you are about to ask for help was gone for a month. There’s also a reason that we have two eyes and two ears and only one mouth. And that babies learn to see and hear before they can talk. If you work at a place that values talking for the sake of talking over …

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