June 2019 - The Winding Road

How the Fear of Failure is Limiting Your Career

(Read Time: Approx. 6 minutes) Fear. I’m not talking about the fear we may have of clowns or being eaten by a shark – both legit fears of mine. I’m talking about the fears that go through our minds every day. Hundreds to thousands of times a day. Sometimes they’re subconscious, and we aren’t aware we’re even thinking them. Other times they’re conscious, and we’re well aware of our thoughts. As with the fear of sharks, these daily fears occur as a part of self-preservation. When we’re evaluating a situation, it’s more difficult to imagine the positive outcomes that could …

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Did You Recently Ghost an Interview?

The economy is humming. Jobs are plentiful. Recruiters reach out to you every day. Times are good. You’re not really thinking about a time when all of that will change- and trust me, it’s gonna change. But you should be very conscious of the sure-to-come downtick in the economy and job market. Why? Because the actions you take now will come back to haunt you. I’m talking about the selfish, disrespectful actions of ghosting a recruiter that scheduled a phone interview with you. Or maybe you ghosted an in-person interview. Even worse, you ghosted an employer on your first day. …

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