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Travis L. Scott - Author, Writer, Podcast Host, Marketer

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I grew up in a small town about 30 miles southeast of Indianapolis, IN and about 90 miles northwest of Cincinnati.

After graduating high school, I attended Ball State University, eventually transferring to Indiana University in Bloomington, IN where I graduated in 1998 with a degree in Environmental Science.

Early in my career, I decided I wanted to learn more about business so I went back to school and obtained an MBA with a focus in marketing from the University of Colorado in 2006.

Since then, I've worked in sales, recruiting, and eventually marketing spanning a startup in Seattle to Microsoft to a small B2B distributor in Denver.

Having experienced the challenge of wanting to do one thing professionally, but being pigeon-holed in something else I decided to share my experience through a blog and podcast, which is how The Winding Road began.

Eventually, I also realized how similar marketing is to just about everything in life since it's so deeply rooted in psychology.  That's when I realized I could help people by teaching basic marketing principles and demonstrating how they can apply to your career.

I've really enjoyed learning how to spin up a podcast and have always loved writing. I thought both would be great mediums to share my experience and insight with anyone looking to level up their career, change their career, or just take a different perspective on things.

I hope you find it motivating and enlightening.



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